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  • Start Year: 2023
  • End year: 2027

A significant environmental problem in city zoos (and similar self-managed visitor attractions with high water consumption like botanical gardens and parks, playgrounds, but also farms) was discovered in the absence of water reuse. Zoos consume a large amount of mostly high-quality (drinking) water, which is associated with high operating costs. At the same time are zoos often limited by the water shortage especially in the main season and periods of drought.

Based on previous experiences we found a significant application potential and commercial opportunity of near-nature environmental technologies (NBS) in connection with renewable energy sources (solar or wind). NBS and solar energy provide maximum performance of wastewater treatment in the main season of the zoo and similar visitor areas, even in the mild climate of Central Europe.

Thanks to the rising prices of primary electricity and water, the proposed solution of water recirculation system offers high water savings with a quick economic return, has significant impacts on general water consumption, increases the resilience of beneficiaries in terms of energy self-sufficiency, resilience to climate change, and in addition provides other significant benefits such as well fare in support of animal husbandry, support well-being urban population creating green and heat islands in the centres of European cities. Thanks to high attendance, zoo-type visitor attractions have a significant impact on environmental education of the public.

A demonstration of the water recirculation prototype at two zoos in two different climatic zones is proposed. Thanks to zoos allows this demonstration installations to present environmentally friendly and economical system efficiency with high social and environmental impacts.

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