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Conceptual Site or Project Models for Sustainability Assess Conceptual Site or Project Models for Sustainability Assessment

Publication Date:  2012-11-14
License:  Registered Access external
Bardos, P.
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This paper explores adaptation of basic contaminated land risk management methodologies to sustainable regeneration and remediation: • For a sustainability effect to be manifest there needs to be a “pressure” of some kind, a “receptor” that can be affected by that pressure; and, crucially, a mechanism through which the pressure influences the receptor. All three: pressure, mechanism and receptor need to be present and linked for a sustainability effect to exist – i.e. a sustainability linkage; • A relatively straight forward conceptual model of sustainability can be described on a site specific basis (site conceptual model) using sustainability linkages • These can be evaluated for their importance (significance) in a consistent way • Not all effects will be large enough to cause a noticeable benefit or harm and thresholds can often be described A conceptual site model for sustainability can assist design, option appraisal, verification and valuation for regeneration projects. A site conceptual model of sustainability can facilitate better project design and improve overall project value by explicitly linking the different services a project is intended to provide to a vision of sustainability, and identifying opportunities for additional services and synergies between services. A case study has been used to illustrate these ideas based on a simple brownfield regeneration / remediation project for a risk management and revegetation.

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