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The practical use of short rotation coppice  in land restoratio The practical use of short rotation coppice in land restoration.

Publication Date:  2003-06-30
License:  Registered Access external
Paulson, M., Bardos, P., Harmsen, J., Wilczek, J., Barton, M., and Edwards, D.
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A potential for synergy exists between organic waste recycling, biomass production and long-term risk management for contaminated land, particularly where the immediate economic case for reuse of the land is marginal. The possibility of income generation from waste management activities and biomass production offers scope for the regeneration of useful and sustainable economic activity on such marginal land. It also offers an alternative economic use to ‘hard’ redevelopment, as well as a means of facilitating such redevelopment, where the topography or extent of surrounding brownfield land inhibits the case for inward investment for a key site where conditions are otherwise favourable. The presence of plant roots, organic matter and associated biological activity may play a significant role in the degradation or stabilisation of contaminants, and the presence of the plant cover may also contribute to the stabilisation of the site and increase its amenity value.

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