r3 is a consultancy and research company specialising in the re-use of wastes (particularly MBT and composting), contaminated land remediation (particularly using bioremediation, and for biomass production), river basin management, and sustainability appraisal. The majority of its business comes from European government and business sources and it also has strong links to US agencies. r3 has access to key contacts and organisations in land management sector in Europe, the US, Canada, other NATO countries and Australia.

Strategic planning
  • appraisal of likely national interests (for example technical state of the art / requirements)
  • appraisal of regional policy and regulatory perspectives

Introductions and brokerage
  • identification of sectoral leaders and review of their strengths and weaknesses
  • use of composts and mechanical biological treatment outputs (Grantscape)
  • identification and introductions to potential commercial partners
  • hand-holding and facilitation
  • strategic advice (for example brokerage of links to policy and regulatory agencies)


  • execution of market entry and feasibility studies, if required with local partners
  • development of promotional / technical publications and networking
  • event / workshop facilitation and independent rapporteuring
  • identification of EU and other funding opportunities and support for proposal development
  • ad hoc business development support

Information management

  • development of information strategy
  • Identification of key information avenues, particularly to engage technical audiences
  • development of on-line information resources, including (with partners) in European languages
  • drafting and production of newsletters and other nonpublished papers, support with drafting publications

Commercial support e.g. product and service development

r3 Environmental Technology Ltd
H9, TOB1
University of Reading
Earley Gate

E-mail: r3@r3environmental.co.uk


r3 is currently managing a major sponsorship opportunity for contaminated land managers and service providers with interests in developing the state of practice, promoting their services and attracting high calibre personnel. In 2021 it will launch a book on Sustainable and Risk Based Land Management via the Kindle platform, supported by a community web site. It will assist continuing professional development, practical decision making, and master’s level teaching. It will be very competitively priced, internationally peer reviewed and available in English, Chinese and Spanish. Initial drafting work is complete, supported by the Chinese government and other sources. Book sponsors will be able to include targeted case studies on a low cost five year renewable basis. Contact us ASAP if you are interested to provide a case study.

Other example projects

Photon Water Treatment is a Czech company with which r3 has a developing market entry and proposal development interest. Recent support has focused on assisting PWT and its partners in developing proposals for European innovation and demonstration programmes, and new technology entry and contact brokerage internationally.

C-CURE Solutions:r3 supported a UK university and research centre in their business and strategic planning for the launch of a new business focusing on innovative remediation technologies based on biochar, which has since also diversified to many other biochar applications (https://www.ccuresolutions.com) .

Regenesis Inc, USA: r3 supported the US company Regenesis (http://www.regenesis.com) to make a highly successful entry to the UK remediation market, as well as providing wider advice about opportunities in Europe and has more recently provided consultancy support to Regenesis on EU policy and regulatory interests related to contaminated land management.

NICOLE, Europe: r3 was one of the founders of NICOLE (with TNO and ICI) in the mid-1990s, via an EU project that led to the initiation of a self-funding network. This network (http://www.nicole.org) and is now a major influence in contaminated land management across Europe including many major industry and consultancy businesses.

Feasibility study and business planning leading to the establishment of CL:AIRE, UK: r3 was one of three partners who carried out the initial feasibility and business planning for the UK contaminated land demonstration organisation (http://www.claire.co.uk). It has continued its relationship with CL:AIRE and assisted them in technical delivery and securing roles in international projects.

Paul Bardos is an evaluator for a wide number of European research and innovation funding programmes, including for the European Commission, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden and other countries

General networking routes

Sstakeholder networks, including http://www.nicole.org (site managers and service providers); www.commonforum.eu and www.iccl.ch (regulators); the International Sustainable Remediation Alliance (http://www.claire.co.uk/projects-and-initiatives/isra-surf-int-l); the Sustainable Remediation For a in the UK, USA, Japan and China and others. takeholder networks: r3 (and its director) work for and are involved in a number of international

International project connections: r3 (and its director) are involved in projects globally (for example, Europe, the Americas and Asia), see http://www.r3environmental.com, as well as for multilateral agencies such as the World Bank and via European projects.

Web platform: r3 owns and operated the EUGRIS European Contaminated Land and Groundwater Information Service: is a web based information portal. EUGRIS currently around a million visits a year, has 4,500 registered members and 10,000 information listings (http://www.eugris.info). It is free to use and access. In 2021 it will be relaunched as the community web site contaminatedland.info, with multiple sponsorship and market channel opportunities.

Some Recent Publications

World Bank (2019) Kosovo: Healing Land for the Future. World Bank, Washington DC. http://documents.worldbank.org/curated/pt/121611574748981525/Kosovo-Healing-Land-for-the-Future

Bardos, R.P., Bone, B.D., Boyle, R., Evans, F., Harries, N., Howard, T. and Smith, J.W.N. (2016) The rationale for simple approaches for sustainability assessment and management in contaminated land practice. Science of the Total Environment 563-564 pp 755-768 DOI 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2015.12.001

Frederic Coulon, Paul Bardos, Nicola Harries, Kate Canning, Mengfang Chen, Quing Hu, Kevin Jones, Fasheng Li, Hong Li, Diogo Gomes, Ming Liu, Rongxia Liu, Xia Yang (2016) Land contamination and brownfield management policy development in China: learning from the UK experience. Report from the China UK Partnership for Contaminated Land Management March 2016. http://cnukcontaminatedland.com/uk/downloads

Environment Agency (2009) Assessment of MBT input and output quality. Report: SC030144/R4. Product Code: SCHO1209BRQG-E-P. ISBN: 978-1-84911-161-4, Environment Agency Bristol, UK. (report contributor with Geoff Warren) http://publications.environment-agency.gov.uk/PDF/SCHO1209BRQG-E-E.pdf

Nathanail, J. Bardos, P. & Nathanail, P. (2002 and 2007) Contaminated Land Management Ready Reference. EPP Publications/ Land Quality Press. Available from: EPP Publications, 6 Eastbourne Road, Chiswick, London, W4 3EB. E-mail enquiries@epppublications.com ISBN 1900995069. http://www.readyreference.co.uk

Nathanail, C.P. and Bardos, R.P. (2004) Reclamation of Contaminated Land Wiley and Sons. ISBN 0471985600 http://www.wileyeurope.com/WileyCDA/WileyTitle/productCd-0471985619.html

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